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Wandering back into WAR again to see how things are. Just got my characters transferred to Iron Rock (they ended up on Volkmar somehow). Any chance I could get some characters invited (doesn't have to be all, just the main ones)? Here's the list of who I play - some of the names changed during the transfer:

Dobhir, Engineer (originally Dobir)
Timoteus, Knight of the Blazing Sun
Normig, Runepriest
Andranos, Archmage
Headric, Warrior Priest
Ogyrvran, Witch Hunter
Nimon, White Lion
Roreg, Slayer
Kareg, Ironbreaker
Odareth, Bright Wizard

(yes, I have an alt problem)
Erm, which is the main? xD

Oh, and the changes so far are awesome. ^_^
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Dobhir is my "main". :)
Forgot to mention that. I love playing an engineer. I've played Destruction on Badlands as well, but this time I'd like to focus on the Order side of things...trying to bring some new people with me.
Hey, glad to see another return player! I haven't been playing much as of late but send me an IM at linuxfjb (aol or yahoo) anytime and if I'm around, I'll try to group up with you or anyone sometime in the evening. Also, we have an old (but virtually abandoned) destro guild on the Badlands called the Fismits. You can feel free to pick up that guild and get it going if you like.

Hey Jan,
I noticed that none of your characters listed have gotten into the guild yet. Send me an PM on this site or IM and we can schedule a definite time to get your chars in. The action can be very fast paced in the game and some guild members can miss tells (even though I encourage chat mods!). :D

So far I've only seen one member from the guild on when I've been playing (Malchizedech...hopefully I spelled that right)...he tried finding someone to recruit, but hasn't had any luck.

None of my chars on Badlands are in a guild, either...the (secular) guild I used to play with is full of people I don't recognize, and I haven't seen anyone online there either. :)

Time marches on.
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