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I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. It is something that has been bothering me and I thought to share it with you all.

When was the last time you went to church and the first thing you thought was. "God is here today." Not, "What a great service, the message was excellent, the songs uplifting." But "God is Here"

This is something that has been heavy on my heart as of late. Why you may ask. Well because I have to admit, that lately when I have gone to church, It doesn't feel as though God is there. It seems that church lately has been putting more importance on the service and the message rather than letting God work in our lives during the time we are having the service.

I was at a bush church service many years ago in Alaska, where the Spirit of God was moving so strongly, that for the entire 2 hour service, we did nothing but pray. Some people sang, others spoke in tongues, some simply sat quietly..... I can tell you this for certain, God Was there, and is still there...

It just seems to me lately, that church is becoming more about the people, rather than about God. Am I saying Church is not important? No. However, When the Church comes before Christ in our lives. We are in sin. Christ should always be first.

Maybe it's just me... However, All I can share is what is on my heart. This is something that is on my heart. Disagree with me, agree with me, I really don't care. All I ask is that you pray about this in your own life. See what God reveals to you.
Yes I would have to agree with what you have said. It would seem the focus in services is being more about entertaining and pleasing us.

Remember the post that was written called "Worship music vs uplifting entertainment" well that is part of the problem to. Its as though a religious spirit has begun to form in certain areas within the body of Christ.

A part of me wanted to leave my Church and find a new place to be with fellow believers. But moving on is not always the right thing to do. What should I do? So I asked God.

With the help of the Holy Spirit I managed to write a letter to my Pastors regarding the worship music and how it had changed into songs that were entertaining us. I mean these songs had no words of praise and thanks to God at all. They were exactly that christian songs to entertain and lift up christians.

Yes I prayed about it and I also prayed that my Pastors could see it as well. Glory to God for the past two weeks now the worship music is back to actual worship to God.

I have noticed in my spirit a great differance in the services. As we would finish singing worship songs our worship began to really spill out of us to God and we did not want to stop because we were in His presence.

Yes talk to God about it and see how He leads your heart.

You said "When the Church comes before Christ in our lives. We are in sin." But how is it a sin if one does not see it? The Holy Spirit reveals these things to our hearts. However you were wise to share with us and maybe you should share with your Church leaders as well. I will certainly be talking to God about this.
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Jeshurun said:

You said "When the Church comes before Christ in our lives. We are in sin." But how is it a sin if one does not see it? The Holy Spirit reveals these things to our hearts. However you were wise to share with us and maybe you should share with your Church leaders as well. I will certainly be talking to God about this.

Well Said Jesh, However I have spoken to some of the church leaders about this. They seem indifferant. Like they don't even notice a differance.... Very discouraging, even the pastor laughed it off as me being a "young Christian who doesn't have the wisdom or discernment to make judgements on matters like this." THis shocked me and is one of the reasons I have not been attending that church as of late.

Just because you don't know your in sin, doesn't mean the sin is not there. It is what you do once you find out about the sin.

Right now all I am doing is praying and reading my Bible, alone and with my family, and going to the GFC Bible studies. :D I "feel" God and seem closer to Him at these times more so than when I am at church.....

Thank you for your words Jesh, They have encouraged me. I will continue to pray on this matter and see what others post here.
Kinda boils down to who you follow Church or Christ!!!! As a member of the Tribe Of Judah Christain Community I have felt and well always will that the church is as twelve apostles diff veiws on diff subjects BUT the one thing that remains the same is Jesus(noting his parable on those standing and those gone) so what would exclude the church from that matter.He is and always will be with those that spread his commandments."LOVE" wOOt and a old skwel Amen.Find Love means find family...P.S. my Lady aka my Wife did once worked behind the show at a very big prominate church in Texas but nooooo she wouldn't listen to me heheheheh just had to throw that in hahahahah I know I know wrong.hehehehe!!!! Love, not humor not show not fear not blame just Love is the direction a Christain must follow so no c love no find Christ.
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It is hard speak to our leaders without offending their authority that God has given to them over us. As for you being a young man that should not have made any differance.

They should have been more opened to you. They should have inquired of others about your input and prayed about it. This was not the way they should respond. We are all equal in the body of Christ and yes God gave them authority but not to lord it over us.

Don't let yourself become offended by what the Pastor or other leaders say. Whatever you do don't speak badly of them for their indifferance to be open to your input.

What bothers me to hear is that you are not attending your churches services. You need to be with other believers and hear the word of God. And don't forget as well how important it is to tithe and give offerings.

Sometimes we have to humble ourselves and return to the scene of the crime so to speak. Don't be embarrassed to return to your church.

It is not always wise to go by our feelings. Pray and talk to God as to what is happening and if you think you should seek out another church to attend then go for it, but you should not neglect the services for now.

You must keep this one thing in mind, "This to will pass". Don't be discouraged just continue on the path that is straight & narrow and be led by the Spirit of Truth.

Your in my prayers. Bless you.:)
It is not just a feeling Jesh... I have been in the presence of God and know both how it feels and what it means to be there.
Now I am not saying I expect to be "slain in the spirit" every time I go to church, All I am saying is that I should know, as should everyone else in the building, that God was there, His presence should be felt, even if it is just that still small voice....

The church I am currently attending has disapointed me. Many people at the church, have my home phone number and my cell phone yet after I missed 3 weeks of churhc services, they did not even think to call and see where I have been. That is, not until they were doing a pledge drive to raise money for the youth group. This church has lost its way I think. Money seems to have become a big thing within this church. No matter the Sunday, The pastor sneaks in something about tithing. Now Tithing is not something I mind hearing about, however, hearing about how I MUST tithe every week gets old. Tithing is important to me, however the way the pastor talks about it, it is a forced thing rather than an offering to the Lord.....

I think the way these leaders within the church are looking at the church is as a business rather than a church.
Those are just my thoughts however, for I cannot see what is in their hearts.

I thank you for your encouraging words Jesh and Slim.
I will post more on this as I am led.
I understand what you are saying about the presence God.

As for the church being a business, it is and leaders are to be good stewarts over it. I see the same thing in my church. Titheing is talked about quite a bit.

As for tithes. To me a tithe is 10% of my income to God and an offering is a special one time gift to God.

If our leaders are looking more towards money than the Lord then we who see it should pray and confront the issue to them. If they are indifferent about it God will deal with them.
I agree with you on Tithing Jesh. After re-reading my post I seemed to not make my stand on what I consider tithing clear.
I consider a tithe 10% of my income and an offering anything on top of that.
I make sure my heart is right before giving either to God though.

AS far as the leaders of the church go... All I can do is pray. They simply will not listen to what I have to say.

Guess it is because I am still in those years between being considered a "kid" and an "adult". Maybe I should be called a kidult or something :p Just kidding.