Chronicles of Elyria


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Hello everyone I know I personally have not been active on these forums as of late but I have found a great new game that I am interested in and I wanted to let this community know about it. It is called Chronicles of Elyria here is a link to their website There is also a player done live steam every Wednesday at 6pm est by a player named Morbis, he has also published some educational videos on the game The game is a sandbox MMORPG that allows extreme freedom to its players but also with a governing system similar to the feudal system that was present in the medieval ages, essential discouraging greifers and punishing those who do decide to pursue that path. The crafting system is extensive and so is the political system as if you are interested you can even become king of your own land. I personally have a mayor title and will be managing my own town and invite you to come and join me, as it stands the only way to allow players to spawn definitely in our area is to share a family or child code with them. This does mean that random players will be spawning in my town and I will have no control over it, but I intend to attempt to cultivate a family friendly environment within my walls. If you are interested you can sign up my friend code is 329D54. If you are interested me give me a pm and we can talk the best way to reach me is discord Zerbe#9355.
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