I just found this insightful poem from AFR's site (, after I had heard it on the radio yesterday. Definitely something to think about...



It's Christmas time,
surely you can tell;
All the lights and music
and jingling of bells?
I see Santas and snowmen
and reindeer galore
And zillions of gift ideas in every store.
There are cards and candles that burn so bright
The world is alive with artificial light!
Parades and snowflakes for mile after mile
But something is missing - where is the Child?
Remember the "One" we learned of long, long ago
That was born in Bethlehem so Caesar would know
Where the people all came from and so we could see,
Like the Bible foretold, a Messiah for you and for me.
He's missing from windows and our own town square.
Did someone steal Him? Doesn't anyone care?
What did you say? He's been told He can't come?
That His name can't be mentioned; He's offensive to some?
It can't be! You're crazy! Is this not planet Earth;
The place He created and redeemed with His birth,
With His suffering and blood, to atone for all sin?
This is making me dizzy! Too much to comprehend!
This world is in chaos, how long can it last
When we can't celebrate Christmas like we did in the past?
Christmas is CHRISTmas! It's all about God;
Who sent His own Son to this ungrateful piece of sod!
Christ came for us, the perfect gift from above
To show us God's plan, to show sacrificial love.
I'm sure He's heart-broken, I know I would be
If someone took my birthday away from me!
Oh, Father, forgive them! They're misguided and blind,
A Christmas without Jesus, they have all lost their mind!

— Debbee Combs – Christmas, 2004