Children of Fire


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I don't know how many of you have heard of the christian metal-core band Oh, Sleeper but their songs have actually helped me through a tremendous amount of stuff. They have a new album coming out 9/27/2011 called "Children of Fire" and since I find their music helpful and very very lyrically deep I figured I'd share some of their new stuff with you.

Just a heads up: It's some of that thar "screamy yelly" kind of music. If you tend to not like that kind of music at least check out the lyrics.

Another thing to remember is that each of Oh, Sleepers songs tend to tell a story. In fact, the last album Oh, Sleeper released "The Son of the Morning" was actually a complete chronological storyline. The album began with the song "The Son of the Morning" which is written from a perspective that portrays Satan taunting God (Vid w/ lyrics in desc.). The final song on the album is titled "The Finisher" Which is Gods response and actions to Satans taunts in the first song(Vid w/ lyrics in desc.). Short and sweet the album ends with God cutting of the devils horns:

You will bow at my feet or Ill rip out your knees
and make of your face all the carnage you crave.
I am the Finisher and I am Forever.
I will sing to the world your storm is capturing
and the angels will join me...
We will sing to a world reborn from suffering.
From the armories the angels sing. You will see them end this suffering.
From the armories the angels sing. You will fear them when they lift their wings.
They will sing to a world reborn.
They will sing as I cut off your horns.
I'll cut off your horns!

The "cut off your horns" bit is where they got their band logo from(see my avatar) It's a pentagram with the top two "horns" cut off symbolizing Satans defeat.

Now back to the main topic: Children of Fire.

Children of Fire is yet another album with a story line that picks up right off where the last album left off. God defeating Satan. Here's a video interview with Micah (the writer) explaining the new album:

And here's Micah sharing his testimony:

Two songs of the new album:


Hush Yael:

What Hush Yael is written about:

Hope you enjoy