Character Transfer is coming!!


Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
The next update, 1.3, is supposed to have the ability to transfer characters to other servers. So maybe we can all get back together again. :)
Yep! We've been talking about it in the General Discussion thread. I'm looking forward to playing my Republic toons after the server mergers and transfers. By the way, did you catch that as part of the server merge, they will be raising the population cap and creating "super" servers? I think that will help.

We'll have to figure out if Vrook Lamar survives or is merged with several other servers under a different name and how healthy that server will be.

I've still been playing each night. I've gotten my Sith Assassin up to level 46 on The Harbinger. I was on Vrook Lamar a couple of weekends ago but it was depressing. Of course, no one from the guild was on, but worse was that the Fleet only had about 20 people on.

Hopefully, 1.3 will be coming out soon!

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