Caspian Border rocks

Caspian Border is a Fantastic map, makes maps in BF 2 small in comparison :p and I think a mouse/keyboard is not the best way to fly, even the chopper was shaky but I prefer a Tank or LPC.s :)

My only Issue with the LAV-AD was its non realistic sound, my old Vulcan sounded better, lol, real life Marine Corps uses 2 versions V1 has a single barrel 25mm Bushmaster & Version 2. a 25 mm Gau 12u Gatlin Gun & 4 Stinger Missles, the Sound would indicate version 2 but without the Stingers, the Stationary AD Turrets sound the same.
On the Video for caspian Border the Lav had Missle pods, but I did not see them in action, maybe it will be a unlock later.
A good info read:
Thats a good read also Corpfox, the link I posted is just a reference between the real vehicle and BF 3 LAV. I still think the sound needs tweaking, the thing sounds like a sick frog :p

@CajunGeek: Maybe they will enhance the range if enough complaints were made during the Beta, I posted a few bugs, more like rereporting but was not able to play as much as I would have liked.
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