Can I start writing here again?

Can I?

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I know I've been quiet for a few years but I'm starting to twitch again and I'd like to start twitching here with permission.

The Mighty Gerbil

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Technically he already wrote here by writing to ask for permission to write here. I suggest a good sound thrashing for the impertinence of having written here without permission.

The gall of the young today. In my day you sat in a dark corner and never wrote anything that couldn't be communicated through a series of non-threatening hand gestures and averted glances. Truly we are in the end times. :p
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Lol Gerbil! Forever young but I didn't get the corner I got grounded to a box. Yeah I'll get out of it somehow but since I intend to fill it with a bit of lil Jimmy Needham(Make the Gospel rhyme) style of writing I thought it best to ask first since I value our family opinions! Yep me is silly but in good silly way some may say.