Can I start writing here again?

Can I?

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I know I've been quiet for a few years but I'm starting to twitch again and I'd like to start twitching here with permission.
Technically he already wrote here by writing to ask for permission to write here. I suggest a good sound thrashing for the impertinence of having written here without permission.

The gall of the young today. In my day you sat in a dark corner and never wrote anything that couldn't be communicated through a series of non-threatening hand gestures and averted glances. Truly we are in the end times. :p
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Lol Gerbil! Forever young but I didn't get the corner I got grounded to a box. Yeah I'll get out of it somehow but since I intend to fill it with a bit of lil Jimmy Needham(Make the Gospel rhyme) style of writing I thought it best to ask first since I value our family opinions! Yep me is silly but in good silly way some may say.