Can I get the spiritual e-books in internet?


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Hello! Friends I have a keen interest towards spiritual activities. I think that spiritualism is the best way to get linked with God. Over the past few days I have been looking for some spiritual e-books on Christianity reflecting the concept of the Bible. Where I can get these spiritual e-books?
Hi William,

Nice to meet you. In terms of e-books I am sure there is alot out there but my experience with e-books is that, beside the out of copyright books (e.g. Pilgrims Progress) and the bible, most are fairly lame.

On the side I had to present a paper at a Spirituality and Psychology conference @ the Uni of Western Sydney last year and have since been very interested in what people mean by spirituality. If interested send me a PM I would love to have a chat about what you, yourself mean by the term.

Once again welcome and, if you get a chance you might want to re post in either general discussion or What does God say about .... forums.
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It is really very good to see your keen interest towards the spirituality. There are many spiritual e-books available on the web but one that inspires me most is Spiritual e-books as this book helps you get focused on what God has placed in your heart, and reduce or eliminate distractions that come to divert you away from your divine calling or destiny.