Campaign and Skirmishes


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So how far is everybody in the Winter Assault Campaign? I've completed the first 3 missions so far and I'm loving it. I haven't done any skirmishes yet but I'm looking forward to getting a multiplayer skirmish going with some of you. I prefer beating up the AI rather than going against ppl.

I haven't had a lot of time to play yet because of Battlefield 2 and doing the website. If anyone wants to get a game together, I can usually play on Tuesday evenings and late Friday nights.
Sounds good, can you set up a game in the calender for this friday night. And perhaps what time you will be available.
I can put it on the calendar. Are you able to add calendar events? What time should we say game time is? I usually get on around 10PM Central and play for a couple of hours.
10 central would be 11 EST right?? If that is so that should be a fine time to get things going. As for the calender Im pretty sure I cant post on there yet. Can you send me the link to do so?

You have to login to the ToJ site and see if you have the links to 'Add Event', 'Add News', and 'Manage Roster'. If you don't, see if Plankeye can hook you up being that you are the Chapter Leader. :p

I'll go ahead and add the event to the calendar.