Bravely Default. I feel like I'm doing it wrong.


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So I've made it past chapter 1 but haven't yet made it to Florem.

And I'm getting my hindquarters handed to me in most battles or having to spend Phoenix Downs fighting trash mobs.

I have Norende fully rebuilt thanks to StreetPass Relay stations and a bit of persistence.

Tiz is a Monk/Knight, Agnes is a White Mage/Freelancer, Edea is a Black Mage/Time Mage, and Ringabel is a Thief/Freelancer.

I know I need to grind some JP and I'm surprisingly okay with a bit of grinding as it will help me get familiar with the game after having put it down for a few months.

I had thought I'd figured out templates for each character (Tiz: Warrior, Agnes: Healer, Edea: Offensive Magic, Ringabel: Thief), but I'm open to changing up my plans.

Bravely Default gives you more control over the game than most Final Fantasy games (because, let's face it, BD is a FF game in all but name) so it can be a bit overwhelming to a gamer dad who can't invest the time to research and repeat (and repeat and repeat and repeat) boss battles like he could 10-15 years ago.

So if any of you have SPOILER-FREE tips to pass along, please do!
Hmm. Lend me your copy and I'll figure out some tips for you. :D nothing. Clicked the linky because I'm intrigued by the game. :D