Bounty Broker's Association is Back


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Tomorrow the BBCA will be back at the fleet. I hope we all can get some time to snag some of those kingpin bounties!
i'll be there, at some point during the day/evening. if i don't answer right away i'll apologize right now... sometimes i que up and go do chores while i wait for it to pop lol. gimme a hollar and i'll tag along for some bounties :D
This weekend I didn't make it in as I had hoped (got snowed in, but I had to go out and take my son to a birthday party. I had been hoping to spend the day sipping hot chocolate and collecting bounties...)

I have a Kingpin bounty for Courisant on Kahiel which I would like to collect so I hope some folks are around tonight.
I'm getting on now. I'll be working on my BH until someone else shows up and wants to do a Kingpin.