Boomkin love


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Do you guys have any questions about balance druids that you can't really find an answer to online? I'm not saying I'm the expert or anything, but I've tried to stay up to date on research and I've had lots of competitive practice in the dps brackets.

Fail pug knows how to give you a run for your money when it comes to DPS :)

There are great general knowledge guides out there so I don't really know what to type/elaborate on so if you guys were wondering how to give your boomkin a boost post a question and I'll try to help you out!

Question: During the pull, is it best to blow up your mushrooms at 2 or 1 during the countdown? I know blowing them after the tank pulls is just a waste of dps. i dont want to do it wrong ;)
Nah...its not about your mushrooms, it's about the tranquility while a purple skittle is guarantees that the other dps will literally die off. :)
Only one mushroom is required for the 8% spell damage debuff on the boss, but with leet tanks, they can handle all three: Shadowmeld accordingly.