Bohdabi's Spire

Hello Everyone,

Here's the deal. I'm trying to get this staff for my son and I've killed this Bohdabi creep like 50 times; really 50 times and he will not drop this staff. Does anyone happen to have it? I will pay 20k for the staff (I've made that much just trying to farm him, lol). Just let me know if you do and we will hook up in game. Many thanks!

Phaide Tu Blacke
I've done the same thing in the Sulfurous Waste trying to get a wand from Hajkor - a Djin to the east of where Bohabi hangs out. The next time I go after my wand I'll drop by Bohabi as well. I'll post back if I have any luck. If you get Hajkor's wand I'll trade with you.
Just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten. I have killed the guy a couple of times and gotten nothing - no gold - nothing - from killing him. I'll keep trying.
Thanks, Abba San. If you get it great; if not: no worries. :) I'm sure I'll get it in good time.

EDIT: Hey Abba San, hit me up next time you are running for this and we can do it together if you want too; after all 2 is better than 1.


Phaide Tu Blacke
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Will do - that would be fun. It will be a while though - I am in Virginia on vacation until the 15th.
Now that the event is over - I can't wait to go out and practice with my new wand. Thank you.

I have other stuff to do out in the Sulfurous Waste - I'll still take a stab at Bohdabi while I'm out there. He has to drop that spire eventually.
I gor ro him and killed him with only a gold drop. It's like trying to get an ox. I wonder if he ever drops that spire.

Maybe next time.
Double chance of green drops this weekend, I'll have to swing through there a time or 2.
I will as well. I've been meaning to try for that, but school decided to take that final push before the break. *groan*
Double chance for greens, woot! I'm going after it as well. Thank you, gentlemen for giving it a shot. I really appreciate it and so does Mistress Reiko, my necro. :)


Yeah, this weekend will be a good time to get that spire. Especially if we put together a team from the alliance.
Word! I've had to work late tonight and haven't even had chance to get home to try, lol. I owe you guys BIG time. That staff rocks, imho.