Black ops 2


Well was just wondering if there is anyone else who think that the newer CoD's are shipping more and more games with terrible map design. Idk if I'm the only one who would like to actually have more then one map I can run an Assault Rifle and do well. it just seems like they throw as much stuff as the can into a map. I mean my k/d in CoD 4 was 3. something then mw2 it was 2.6 b4 I let my friends play on it and the black ops was 2.4 , mw3 1.58 and lastly bops 2 1.26 it makes me sad. well just wanting to see if anyone else has noticed it or if u disagree.
I don't play the game but having watched multiple videos by different players they all say the game favors smgs.
yeah the last 2 have been so smg friendly and I can use an smg but would rather use an assault rifle or sniper but with the smaller maps I gotta play more campy but hate playing like that.
if you're playing core snipers are extremely op. It's annoying. You join a game and 8 people are running around with sniper rifles. Hardcore I see a lot more assault rifles. So really, the maps accommodate whatever the gametype is. I do see smg's running a lot, and I love running the vector.
well I play core Dom but if I snipe I gotta play more campy and I don't like playing campy but may just have to apply that style to my arsenal so my k/d goes up
hey guys looking for some guys to play Dom with lata tonight on Black Ops 2 if ur interested just add me on live and send me a message saying ur from here. my gamertage is L3G1T BR 23 and my other one is Fleshwound f08x not sure which one I'm gonna play on.
my gt is in my signature. I don't really play core unless it's the nuketown map but I'll play sometime.