Beta Phase 2

being that we are the Largest Christian Guild in WoW, if we played that card... I imagine a Ginvite would come. hehehe
I guess we will find out how good Icthus is at cards and if he has played the right ones then hehe...../praying
Well they are looking for guilds with multiple genre experience. First person shooters, MMO, and RPGs. They want long standing guilds with histories of excellence. If we are taken as Redeemed WoW, we will not get invited. However, I applied under ToJ-Redeemed. If they take the time to see ToJ has a wide variety of experience in many different games then we might have a chance.
I hope the graphics look better than they do in this beta from another pervious game... anyone besides me know what it is?

On a sad note, we did not get a guild beta invite.

Sorry guys.

Are they going to give out any individual invites for this phase or is it only for whole guilds?