Beta names


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When the beta goes live tomorrow, post your character names here to expodite the guild invitation process.
Ischuros will be my main beta toon name.

[edit] Kratos was taken ;-( and I got in 15min early....
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Lol, Ryan! Awesome.

I'm playing as Thorin Stormheart at the moment... Going to make a lot more Characters, though.

My name is Obi Kaybee, though.
While going for first biobreak give you my name, Christeen of Erse. I am one confused old geezer trying to learn the controls. I have a tendency to jump for no reason at all. :p
I even have been in my first bar fight!!
I wasn't able to get into eternal groves, but I did get into blazeridge mountains. My main there is Promised to Yeshua. I am thinking all of my characters will have something to do with Yeshua.
I am Engris, but I started on Blazeridge Mountains =/ Hopefully I can get in Eternal Grove here.
So! How are we getting this Guild going people? Do I need to start it or are the leaders doing this? I have yet to get an invite and I made it into Eternal Grove...
Invitations have been sent but some are bugged and others are just missed. Plus, a lot of people couldn't log in most of the day. This is sort of the nature of beta testing, and is to be expected.