Best Internet Connection?


Hello all. I'd just like to ask everyone's opinion on what they think the best Internet connection is, by whom, and why they think so. I'd like to use this information when I choose what my next service will be.



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Ive got a 3.1mbps cable connection thru Comcast, best Ive ever had, and its always up, except with the one exception being the blackout in the Northeast/Canada/Michigan we ahd here last year. Fast and reliable, and not too much, something like $45-55, depending on what other services you have with them.


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56k useing a local aol server, i prefer useing a different company byt aol is more reliable for cs

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Quote[/b] (LionOfJudah @ April 27 2004,11:09)]two tin cans and a piece of string
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Quote[/b] ]56k useing a local aol server...
So LoJ and Atown use the same service provider?

*G* Oh, you know I had to say it before anyone else got the chance.

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Is this the old DSL vs Cable debate? My most desired ISP would be speakeasy, but they don't offer in my area.

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DSL is not cable.

Quick 2 sentance comparison of Cable vs. DSL:
DSL runs over regular copper phone lines, the DSL signal is filtered out by filters attached to each phone jack in your house.
Cable runs over Co-Axial cable lines, same stuff you probably put in your TV.


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Quote[/b] ]56k useing a local aol server, i prefer useing a different company byt aol is more reliable for cs
Yeah, I caught that too. You don't often find "AOL" and "reliable" in the same sentence...unless saying that it isn't reliable :).

My home connection is DSL with down/up of 3072/384. Underway, we have a satellite internet connection that's supposedly 64/64...but it's being shared among all the systems on the boat. Also, keep in mind that with satellite, you have to accout not only for the time it takes for a signal to be bounced up and back down, but also for the landline connection on the surface station's side. Underway, pinging a website results in no less than 700ms ping time. Satellite is very, very ugly, people.