Be your own DAoC server...


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My friends started to mess around with this several years ago, but stopped due to various IRL situations.

But with Dawn of Light, you can have your own DAOC server and play the game with no one but yourself or all of your friends. All you need is the game it self.

Since you are your own server, the rules can be bent a bit. The fun can be endless!

Their website is here:

And the download page is here:

Sweet stuff imo.
I've researched private MMO servers somewhat extensively, so I have to ask: Is this "legal"? In other words, does it violate the DAoC ToS?

If Mythic doesn't mind, then I don't, either. I just want to make sure we're not encouraging players to break the ToS.
From what I understand, the maps are somewhat different, and the modders are just using the info they bought on the CD's.

I asked the same question.