will it replace TF2? no...
BUT... it will be really good competition.

Seriously, that game does look fun. I would try it. hopefully it isn't to... "easy" if you know what i mean., accessibility and not getting shot in the face repeatedly by a swearing, ultra-skilled 15 year old boy who plays the game every day for 8 hours.


I saw about it on my magazine and just saw the trailer.

It looks hilarious.
Lets just say the game is Very Fun, although it may not replace TF 2 as that game has a large crowd, it will definitly remove a large following as it is far more customizable as the video shows, I can't go into details as I am under NDA, so I can tell you this, It is very Fun, very customizable and it is never Easy, keep a eye on the Horizon :)
The game is aimed towards kids. Three classes? Probably be a huge deathmatch game with shoddy hit detection and lag problems that DICE is known for. You get what you pay for, and I know it ain't got nothing on TF2.