Battlefield Chapter Status (as of 6/22/2011)

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Omega Amen and BassMan449 recently stepped down from their positions as Battlefield Chapter Co-leaders, meaning Tribe of Judah's Battlefield Chapter is currently inactive. We also canceled our Battlefield Bad Company 2 server due to inactivity.

Normally, we would follow marking a chapter as Inactive with a public call for new chapter leadership and a deadline for a response; however, with Battlefield 3 scheduled for release in North America on October 25, I've decided to leave this forum in the active set rather than move it to the archives. I've also decided to leave the Battlefield Chapter marked as inactive and delay staff recruiting until September at the earliest.

In short: Our Battlefield Chapter is currently inactive, our Bad Company 2 server has been shut down, and the Battlefield Chapter Forum will stay live and not be archived prior to or immediately after the release of Battlefield 3.

We will, of course, reevaluate whether or not to close the Battlefield Chapter after Battlefield 3 releases and we've had a chance to gauge activity and interest in a Battlefield 3 server in November or after.
Puddleyc has joined Tribe of Judah staff as our new Battlefield Chapter Leader, so the original post in this thread is no longer relevant.
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