Battlefield 3 players


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Looking for some gamers to play with, I know we can only have squads of 4, but with ability to have multiply squads, in a xbox live party. Want to start a Battlefield clan if any are interested.

If your not interested in a clan, I welcome you to play anyway. I usually play with my family and friends, none of them are saved so if you do play and there on please forgive there choice of speech so to speak, I'm sure everyone here knows what i mean lol. I know it is awkward to be in a party with Non-Christians but please be patient with them.
Most the time they don't play all to often though, I have my own server for the time being. So any interested in joining the clan can practice, haven't started the clan yet though, waiting for members!

Thank you, and God Bless!
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well ill play any other game I have with ya lol I got most of the CoDs and a lot of the halos been playing far cry 3 recently, minecraft etc my gt is L3G1T BR 23