Bang Howdy?


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Just curious if any strategy-type players have ever given Bang! Howdy a try? It's made by Three Rings, makers of the rather successful Puzzle Pirates. It's a tactical game more than a strategic one, and is pseudo-realtime: you give orders in real time, but units move and then have to recharge before before moving again.

It's free to play to a point, but you pay extra for additional features (gameplay, avatar customization, unlocking more powerful units and cards, etc.)

It's pretty neat, I've been toodling around with it for the past couple of nights, haven't done any PvP yet.


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Looks quite snazzy for a web-based game. I doubt I'll play it, since I have this strange aversion to web-based games. I guess I subconsciously separate games and web browsing.

"Firefox is for forums, e-mail, blogging, and BitTorrent sites--not for playing games!" Or so says my subconscious.

Maybe I can get over that aversion and give it a try. Well, after I return Metroid Prime 3 to the video store, anyway. ^^;;


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While it launches via your browser, it's actually Java-based and plays outside the browser. There's also a self-contained downloadable client you can pull that and launch from your desktop.


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meh... it looks like a childs game... am i wrong? please... i'm probably not going to play (since i'm trying to limit my gaming) yet someone tell me what they thought.


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The graphics are kid-friendly yea, but so is Super Smash Brothers. :)

If you're trying to limit your gaming, Glitch, I'd skip it for now. It's a very casual game, cutesy graphics and simple tactical strategy gaming.

However, like Smash Brothers, once you dig down further into it, there's a deeper level of gameplay going on. There are also a lot of different, fun gametypes, from competitive PvP deathmatches, area control games ("Land Claims", kind of like UT's Domination), item control or capture ("Gold Rush", which is kind of like CTF 'cept with multiple flags), and there's some co-op gaming to be had as well.

But like I said, skip it if you're trying to limit your gaming. It's not worth splitting your time with other games. I'm just finding it a nice alternative to other games I play because I can play it in really short bursts.