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Well, I guess it's time to start a thread for everyone to post pics of their badges and banners. This is a ToJ themed set that matches the colors and graphics on the upcoming website.


And here's a pic of the theme on a Space Marine...



And here are the zipped .tga files that you will need to place in their respective folders...

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The R-G-B codes are as follows:

Primary: 52-93-112
Secondary: 255-255-255
Trim: 253-207-30
Weapon: 253-207-30
Trim2: 0-0-0
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I'm going to cook up at least one or two since if we all start using that and playing together at least I'm going to get horribly confused.
I know what you mean. If we all use the same skin while we are playing together, we won't be able to tell each other apart. lol
Crud I can't remember how to get the badges to be partially transparent.:mad:

Alright figured it out. Here's the first one that I've dubbed The Red Cross.


This one's been dubbed Lionheart Crusaders, couldn't think of anything for the badge so you can use whatever you want.;)


Tried to get it so you could just drop the teamcolour file into your directory and they'd work but no dice so here's the color values.

Red Cross:

Primary- R 160 G 0 B 0
Secondary- R 255 G 255 B 255
Trim- R 125 G 102 B 52
Weapon- R 141 G 92 B 47
Trim 2- R 29 G 221 B 192

Lionheart Crusaders:

Primary- R 255 G 162 B 0
Secondary- R 217 G 218 B 218
Trim- R 0 G 213 B 252
Weapon- R 255 G 162 B 0
Trim 2- R 0 G 213 B 252

The Red Cross
Lionheart Crusaders
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Here is a link to a website with some cool Mods.

**Bad Link**

Here you can find the mod to the army painter to let you see almost any unit.

Also on the main page there are links to a TON of banners/badges. I have looked thru all of them and they are very high quality stuff. There is even a page with NFL banners. Be sure to check em all out.
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Dude those are amazing! Thanks for the link. Those are definitely the best banners I've seen. I'll add that site to the links page.
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