back in DAoC


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Well, I decided to come back to DAoC after a trying WoW for a while. Thought I'd pop in here and say "hello". I created a character on Lamorak a bit ago, but didn't notice anyone online.

Anyway, I'm playing primarily on Gareth in Hibernia. It's a nice change from the Midgard characters I used to play. I plan on remaking my Albion characters on Lamorak to stick with classic servers, so you'll probably see me from time to time.
I sent a PM to Gyllis asking for an update on the DAoC in-game guild. I haven't received a reply yet.

Since there are at least a few members left in the game, I'd like to chat with you all and make sure you have the resources you need to do what you want to do. Whether that's just access to the DAoC chapter web site to make updates, or requests for chapter recruiters to pick up new activity, please just let me know.
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