Back in Action!


Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Galacti
Ok, I am back and ready to play. Talked with Aleron tonight and we are going to start planning some game sessions a few times a week. I am pretty flexible, being a home based business and self employed.

So, Aleron, just give me a time and date, and what character you want to use. We can do either Flashpoints or Heroics, or just do some missions and level. I should not have any problem meeting at least 2-3 times each week. Most any evenings, but remember I do Bible Study Wed. night (6:30-7:30 CDT). Sometimes I can do Sat. afternoons as well.
I'm on almost every night for about three to four hours. I'm up for any heroics or flashpoints... especially heroics that have good gear associated. I have a 29 Commando, 31 Sage and 31 Sentinel. I was thinking of rolling another toon so I can work on Synthweaving, but holding off for now.
Ok. Got tied up this evening with some work, but I will be on tomorrow evening for sure. I will get on around 8 PM (7 Mountain Time).