Avalon Isle


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I quick unfinished story I wrote about DAOC many years agao, check some of the names)

Avalon Isle,

Hot, humidity, muggy, and reptile blood, , Montrez was covered in it, and they were covered in it, The 7 foot scaly lizard men were close enough to smell, there hissing and snapping resounded in there ears. Mythros, His pet, Montrez Jhalan, Danicas, Who was nicknamed DaWife, Jazmina, Litsafalda, and Mythlin, Mythros’ brother stood in a circle, weapons drawn facing out, Neither the small group or the lizard men moved.

A lizard man leaped at Mythros, He smiles and as his necro pet moved, and Montrez just sound his giant axe. All hell broke lose , The small party because a fury of steel , magic and Holy chants and tongues, The three paladins, Jhalan, Dawife, Montrez slammed steel against bone and flesh, and The necro pet unleashed is unnatural fury against the lizardmen . The party was out numbers and in a bad spot.

Montrez Quoted scripture verse after scripture verse as did Dawife and Jahlan; there steel striking home time and time again, They took blow after blow, feeling an arm break here, a face cut there, again and again, as one wound would open another would close, thanks to the prayers and chanting of the Cleric Mythlin and Friar Litsafalda,

Then it happened, a lizardmen jumped Mythlin and Litsafalda; Mythros Bellowed, The Father’s down; He wanted to yell about Litsafalda too but then another set of fangs snapped where is head was a second before. He moved his pet to the direction of his brother.

The group was spilt and Mythros took notice, they were divided, He was making his way to his brother; He saw Dawife and Montrez cleaving lizard flesh getting to Litsafalda, The short little Dawife was in Contrast to her beloved, a hulking man, She was 5’4 inches tall and fit from years of hard training and fighting beside her Husband, He was 6 foot and heavy large man. Where he swung and giant two handed axe that cleaved who lizard men in half, she was just as deadly with her shied and jymba, striking in out like a snake tongues, cutting vital areas here and there, Where Montrez Left large parts of his opponents all over, DaWife victims were left whole, but unable to move having been slash and sliced all over.

Jahlan Fought her way to her Brother in law, and swung her longsword at the head of a lizard bent on killing Mythlin. It hit the scaly fiend square in the throat; she twisted to the left and raked her blade in and across, making the arch wide, Blood sprayed out, and the fiend clawed and dropped on Mythlin, , as he rolled out from the beasts, Jahlan Dropped to her knees in front of him, He smiled at her for saving his life when he saw the blood running down her chin. Mythros his brother appeared by his side.

“ I have her Keep Fighting” He said to his brother, he looked at her back , sure enough a sword thrust from one of the dragon soldiers. He placed his hand on her back and started prayer, Dear heavenly Father, I your devoted servant call upon the authority you have given me…” Mythros Left his Bride to his brothers Care, As much as he wanted to help her, to hold her, He trusted The Lord Jesus Christ and this bother to heal her, He had been fighting at his brothers side a long time now, his brother had never failed him more importantly the Lord had never failed either of them., A Lizardmen snapped at him and raised it sword, Mythros invoked a word of power and the lizardman skin dried up until he looked like a dead corpse and he drop in front of him. He happened to glance at Dawife in time to see a lizardman, slam her in the back with a massive fist, he heard the sicken snap of bone and the weak little yelp escape her has her body hit the ground. The words left his mouth before she fell to the ground lifeless,

“not good!’

Montrez who was engaged with two fearsome lizard soldiers, saw his love fall, and Mythros saw his eyes go wild;

“Oh dear Lord have mercy” He said the prayer as much for Montrez as for the Lizard men. With a rage unbridled and a feat of strength Mythros would have chalked up to legend if he did nor witness it himself several times. Dawife had been resurrected several times already, so had Montrez, He knew he would see her again either way. For such was the ability of there God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Montrez Snatched a 7 foot lizard man like a twig, by the throat and threw him backward in to the attack of his companion. Joys buddy’s sword sliced threw him and as he squealed in shock and honor of what just transpired, The Lizard man hissed in defiance as the massive axe cleaved his head in two………………………….