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Hey all, So I have a 3.5k resil feral druid and a 2600 resil H Pally now getting the pally up there..... But I'm looking for an arena partner for 2v2's as the pally and druid 3v3 as pally and 5v5 as both (if anyone is interested mail me ingame (Jaid or Tfopa) or just talk on here I'll be checking up every so often... As for RBG's If there is any interest I'm willing to lead it if anyone wants in... As for BG's if anyone wants a healer to tag along I'm always up for bg's as my pally and if u want some dmg and survivabilty (for WSG, or other CTF map) then hit up my druid k? Anywho just putting this out there hoping to have some convo's on this :)
Well Caleb my brother I my account is down right now but when I next get my pay check
I will get it back up I am lvling my priest he will be a disc for pvp he is lvl 80 right now... and to anybody that might know what is the best healing class in pvp right now because I got a 80 shammy a 80 priest a 73 druid or a 80 pally. I just want to know which one I should be lvling up
Nik - check at Great indepth discussion of each class, team make up, and more.

I am having a blast with a disc priest and have a lvl 85 hunter ready to start arena. Hopefully in a week or so the priest will be ready. Team make up depends on who you like to play and who is available to play.
Hey Opasmage, is it bad that your avatar makes me want to play runescape again? haha...haven't played that thing in years!
Well I thought I'd update my thread.... I now have a 3.3k resil Fire mage and a 4500 resil H pally (Pally I'll be bringing back to Terenas) But my mage is always looking to do Arena's weather I need the pts or not I just love arena's!