Are you still around?


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Hello All,

I just saw your response to my post on the COR Clan website Ewok. I'm wondering if your still playing. I have a lvl 50 Raid Tank and 3 other toons ranging between 20 and 42. I am currently in a decent guild but would switch over to play with others of the same faith. Please let me know.

Hey Grish,
Yeah we are still around but joined up with a guild called Shields of Seraphs. We have about 8 of us from ToJ in the guild now. They are a friendly and mature bunch but other then us 8, the rest are most likely non-believers.

If you had more specific questions about this I would be glad to help.
I talked to shields of seraph and it doesn't look like they really need a tank right now and as thats all that I do I probably won't be switching to your server.

Yeah I talked with them about you last night. While it would be great down the road to have another solid main tank, we are at the spot right now where we are just running 1x 10man group and 1x 20man. We have a strong main tank and a couple aspiring off tanks.

We should definitely stay in touch and I can keep you updated if things change. Or if you decide you want to spend some time as melee dps with me, you are more than welcome.
Could always be a good idea... I could push the last 8 lvls on my rogue. We shall see... a change could be a good thing