April 4th, 2005


Tribe of Judah StarCraft Series Chapter Leader
Ambassadors for Christ

AN ambassador is an official representative, and being reconciled means being brought back into relationship. I see at least two truths in the verse above. First, we are ambassadors. When we become Christians, we are given the responsibility of being official representatives of Christ. It is up to us to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and his love to the entire world.

Second, our message is reconciliation. We are to help people who are away from God to return to relationship with God, through the Good News. We can deliver that message in hundreds of ways. One easy and effective way is to reach out to those around us by praying for them. If someone tells you they're hurting or stressed out, ask if you can pray for them. I do it, and I have never had anyone say no.

Jesus died on the cross for everyone, not just for you and me. We are called to be Christ's disciples -- Christ's ambassadors to a lost and hurting world.

John R. Crow (Indiana, U.S.A.)

God of all the world, thank you for allowing us to be your representatives here on earth. Empower us that our words and actions may spread the Good News of your son, Jesus. Make us your instruments to bring your lost people back to you. Amen.