AoE stories


Post 'em here! :D

If you want to use screenshots for illustrations, that would be AWESOME! I just want to read some stuff written by AoE 3 gamers, FOR AoE 3 gamers (or AoE 2 I s'pose)

ok so like, me glitch and highlander were like playin gainst these 2 other guys at like a lan party... and like i was techin like mad and so was highlander but like the other 2 guys had like the most points cuz they like had small militarys and were like techin military instead of like age techs n stuff so like, they start seiging glitch n stuff and me n highlander are like.... should we like save glitch n stuff? then we're like.... lets go kill the other 2 computers so like glitch spends like 15min getting seiged while me n highlander are like.... laying waste to the computers so like i get my to my base to regroup and i count 130 some odd long bowmen and highlander has like some palys n some other stuff from like tuetons i think so hes like.... yeah we should prolly like save glitch now soon....and hes like... yeah go tell ur guys to go die then i ride to victory n stufff, so im like..... i'll go kill trebs now and like kill 8 trebs with long bowmen, and like highlander starts his raid and like i kill 60% of the other 2 guys units with like my bowmen and he like raids everything else and we like win n stuff, it was kool
aoe2 at a school LAN party.

Me and a friend against 6 other human players. So, we all build up. I get my 160 palys and defend my team mate, then hit all 6 other guys 1 after another whiping them out, and didnt loose 1 paly. :D
I was playing single player, and I made all my allies (3 of them) send me 100 of wood, food, and coin each, (AoE 3), and so I was like... "awesome time to kill that Ottoman jerk who owned my explorer 10 minutes ago and I had to ransom him back..." so I do, with a small army, I think like 50 guard skirmishers 3 field guns and a few howitzers, and like 10 hussars and 10 ranged calvary, and so after I roll through there with heavy losses (they had stuff to counter me artillery) and I have to leave most my army there to finish the job and let my calvary chase after whatever fled. So i have 7 hussars 4 ranged calvary left running around the map tracking these guys and finally I see them and so I let my ranged calvary do some damage to their janissaries and charge my hussars up to their melee stuff and butchered them, and by then a field bun showed up and as my calvary are starting to die the field gun shoots like twice and blows most them away cuz they were grouped together.

Later that match I take on the Russians with an improved army (70 additional skirmishers to reinforce the 30 remaining, 30 calvary, 7 field guns, 5 howitzers) and stop like 5 yards away from their settlement. I then type "prepare to be pwnerered" and of course the computer players are so rude they don't type back and to teach them a lessen I use the artillery to flatten them to the ground and as their itsy bitsy army tried to defend I shot a mortar from the howitzer into the mess of them (BOOM lol) and let my guard skirmishers wipe the ground clean, and as they fled my 20 hussars ran up beside them and, well, finished the job ;)

So, yes, I am thoroughly enjoying my birthday present :D
Why doesn't anyone post on this forum?

Anyway my friend was playing AoE 3, and this one guy (multiplayer game, see) had a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge navy, on a Carribean map, so when my friend was scooting his little caravel around the ocean and came upon it by their harbor and they asploded him faster than Removed by Moderator: little bit too colorful of words. Anyway, one of his allies messages him, saying "know that guy's huge navy?" and he's like "yeah" and he's like "well I was by their multiple harbor with a bunch of fishing boats and his navy is nowhere to be found..." and my friend is like "........"

bum bum bummmmmmmmmmm

5 minutes later of course the other guy 0wn3Ð everyone by surprise, my friend almost held out when the other guy's ships passed too close into his line of sight while going to killl others, so he brought everyoen in and made minutemen and stuff and managed to hold out for about 6 minutes.
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