Anyone who makes a panda cry deserves to be stoned.

Hahaha, I thought you were saying anyone who makes a 'panda cry'. I.e. A lion roar, would make you roar like a lion. :) If that makes sense. If it doesn't make sense, disregard this post.

rofl sounds like somethin my friend jessica would do
ummm yeah, i was taking business exam and it was asking percentages of stuff and i was messing up n stuff then like... i thought about the panda and burst out laughing during my midterm and i was like..... crap >_< so yeah im so doing this on my final. i promise u i will post that and see what she says.
kraniac said:
That's actually what I just got done taking a test on...

Calc II is "fun"!
Actually, I loved geometry, trig, and calc. Proofs are great.

Yes, I am sick. But it's proof that I am geek.

And if I were that teacher, I wish I could come up with such a great answer!