Anyone still playing Splatoon 1?


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I bought Splatoon for the Wii U in November 2015. The game was stolen from my mailbox while I was out for a medical procedure and it took hours on the phone to get a refund and convince Best Buy to re-buy the game at the same discounted price.

I haven't spent a lot of time with the game since. Raising two young children, working full-time, and getting sidetracked by other games (including, most recently, the amazing Zelda: Breath of the Wild) made it difficult to carve out time for a console online multiplayer game.

But with the imminent closure of SplatNet and the rise of Splatoon 2 (which I decided to skip, even though I enjoy Splatoon 1 and own a Switch, because I just don't anticipate having the time to get $60 of entertainment value out of the game before the game declines in popularity), I decided to pop the game back in and take it for another spin.

I played for about an hour today while the rest of my family was at a birthday party for my wife's friend's children and I had A BLAST.

So I know that's a long-winded introduction, but would anyone who still owns a Wii U and Splatoon 1 be willing to add me as a friend and try to play a round or two some time? I've never even used voice comm in the game.

...Does Splatoon even have voice communication?