Anyone Still Alive?


Tribe of Judah Unreal Tournament Chapter Co-leader
It has been a while since I have seen any ToJ activity and things seem complicated now that the new UT has been gathering more players from the UT game we normally used to play, UT 3. I haven't heard anything from Danny, Captain_Tea or Tek7 in the longest time and we haven't had a meetup for UT in many, many months. (Maybe closer to a year?)

I'm an old mod here and am just letting you know that I still pick up the game and have been on the new UT currently. I haven't logged into Steam that often since it's a non-Steam game, but no one has contacted me through Steam or Facebook so I just assume you all have been too busy to play. I don't want to see a good chapter vanish, so here's hoping that maybe starting in 2016, we can pick up the pace again if any of you are left in this community.
I actually have the unreal game engine loaded and am planning on tinkling with it but my internet is too vexing to consider picking up another multiplayer game, Unreal included. If it worked like it used too I might have joined you guys, at least a couple times. Seriously if I quit playing TF2 that will likely be why.

Tek occasions the TF2 server once in blue moon but he's been pretty busy with his young'ins.