Anyone familiar with Goozex?

Dark Virtue

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Anyone know anything about this site?


What is Goozex and how does it work?

Goozex is the new innovative system developed and tested by video-gamers for video-gamers. Goozex provides a unique trading platform that allows peer-to-multi-peer trading of physical goods. The company delivers the following services:

* Peer-to-multi-peer trading platform
* Community experience
* Video game reviews and multi-media information on the products

The system allows users to trade their video games in exchange for Goozex points, which can then be used to receive video games from other users. This helps gamers avoid paying enormous amounts of cash for games. Goozex runs on an internal currency that is dictated by points that are assigned to each game. The only payment that members make to Goozex is a payment of $1 transaction fee for each video game they receive.


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Sounds like a good idea, in theory. But I wouldn't dare let anyone borrow my games :p especially my super-scratched-halo-2-that-I-just-found-but-still-works.