Any ex-Warhammer players want 30free days?


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If you were a previous WAR subscriber and want to recheck out the game for 30days free let me know! They have a Recruit-a-friend system that allows you to have 10-free days, but I want to earn the rewards so I will pay your first month immediately. This stops the 10 days but you get a full 30 free days to recheck the game out.

The Redeemed guild is still on Iron Rock and there are a few new returners like myself. The T1 population on Iron Rock is fantastic and scenarios pop instantly at most all times of the day. I hear the rest of the tiers are great on IR as well, but I cannot say for myself. I have been trying out new classes and having a blast lately.

PM me your email if you are interested and we will work out the details. I will send you the return to war link to use and then a key to get your 30days free.

I can only do this for 1 or 2 ppl right now, so first come first serve.