An Introduction


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I used to play Magic all the time when I could. Haven't played in 5 years. I am now selling my cards off. The card shop has given me about $500 so far for them. Going tonight to get rid of more.

I also played Warlord too. I think it was right up there with MTG but died off in the last couple of years I guess. I wish I coud get rid of those cards too.

CCG's are to expensive if you want to stay competitive. Buy new cards every time a set comes out. I have no idea how much money I spent on cards. Probably don't want to either. ;)

Oh yeah. Welcome to the guild.



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WELCOME!! I love meeting fellow paintballers even if it is a woodsballer :p. I am a converted Woodsballer who is now a tournament player lol. And if you online and on TS call out in Alliance chat that you need an admin to register you and hopfully an admin is on. We have to catch you at the same time.


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Everyone - I was able to register my self, so its all good now.

one2dredd (nice name btw) - Why not play both? They're both fun and senerioball is too. I like woodsball more though because I like clearing rooms, talking through throat mics, ambushing bases, having more options, I just like thinking I'm a Special Force Officer or better yet Delta Force...hooah! But I play both, it's just that once you buy the stuff woodsball is allot cheaper :D and my team is mainly a woodsball team.

Kalannar - It is exspensive but money isn't an issue for me not that I'm loaded or anything but last time I played a TCG (Yugioh like 3 years ago) I spent like 20 dollars a week but in the end I made over 5ks worth of profit. The problem is now is in Magic there is alot of cards and my card knowledge is very low :(, so I can't come up with my uber pwnage techs. Which is also the case in Guildwars, not that there is a ton of skills or anything but my skill knowledge is low.