Admin challenge is back!

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Hey everyone. The admin team challenges YOU to a fiendly scrimmage!

Sign yourself up here if you wish to be part of the team that will challenge the admin team to a 5v5 scrim on Friday, Sept 30 @ 8:30 EST (7:30 CST).
Please keep in mind that this IS a ToJ only event, and will be played on the ToJ server.
comon this is a chance to prove you are better then the admins, we may even not slap you around as much anymore :)
* Puts "no-reg!" nob to 11 * (ohhh "Spinal Tap" reference right there, I win for sure)

Come get some. If y'all can hit me :p
Just remeber to stay outta my crosshairs.
Not skeer'd nope not me! Hehehehe I just make you all look awsome, well on c.s anyways hehehehe goose hehehe you frighten me hehehe without a gun......
Hey 30fps is not skeer'd well I am of goose62 but if needed use me! As I hide behind bman n yangsta n DeadAim!!!!
uhm yea they definetely need me on the team ... i can walk, plant bomb, switch weapons AND crouch like cpl-p =P
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