Actual WoW Experience: The Spirit Void


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Dear readers, take heed...
There are many dungeons and labyrinths of terror and evil, and there are many foes and tyrants that ravage the lands of Azeroth and Kalimdor. Yet none, I assure you, instill fear as that of a place that can be only accessed as a roaming spirit.
Many of us know of the edge of the world, and many of us have fallen that joyous jump. If you do not know of this fall, please see my other thread on this forum, or ask Cammandus or Avesther (Gods_Peon).
This foul place is accessed in the same area, but is accessed only as a spirit.
Regardless, witness upon this true story that struck fear into the hearts of myself and my comrades Rauck, Bigbossman, and Timert....
(the words were not exactly as follows, but close enuf.)

The so-called "end of the world" can be found at the bottom part of the Wetlands just north of Dun Morogh, accessed usually by a secret walkway on the slope east of the gates of Ironforge. There, is a tunnel, that leads to a section of pure sky and clouds; nothing above, nothing below. If u fall, u die in mid-air. Here is an example:

So I took three friends to see the same place, and after the fall, we tried to fetch our bodies....

(Azzie, Rauck, Timert, and Bigbossman are northeast of Ironforge, near the frozen lake.)
Rauck: Where are we going??
Azzie: You'll see; this is but one of the stops.
(Crosses battle between trolls and dwarves)
Bigbossman: Hey! I took one down in one hit!
Azzie: Yup; you may remember this place if u ever flown from Ironforge to the Wetlands
Timert: Yeah I remember
(Crosses Gnome Airport)
Azzie: This, friends, is known as the gnome airport.
Bigbossman: Cool!
Timert: lol cool!
Bigbossman: This is fun Azzie!
Rauck: Thanks man!
Azzie: And this is but one of the many places here. Oo, look, a to-be-built flightpath! The gryphon business is going to die down once these airplanes get working. Anyway, the edge of the world is over here. This way...*points yonder* Careful, this is kind of a drop.
(the 4 people drop down a cliff, Timert and Rauck die on landing, Bigbossman and Azzie cast Divine Shield at the end and survive, then resurrect the other two.)
Timert: lol my fall-break skill didnt work there...1500 damage!
Rauck: Psht. Try 2800!
Bigbossman:, the Wetlands!
Azzie: Yup; it's just over there. See that town? *points yonder* that's where we're going.
(Walks over to the little town)
Azzie: Check out the signposts here
Bigbossman: This way that way! lol!
Azzie:Yup, and here in this tunnel is the edge of the world! Let's go!
(The four run inside the tunnel and peer down the unending slope)
Azzie: Here it is guys. LAST ONE DOWN IS A ROTTEN EGG!!
(Azzie jumps, followed by the other 3...SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT SPLAT!)
Rauck: lol we're in heaven!
Azzie: lol
Rauck: I got a pic of my face splattered on mid air
Timert: lol
Bigbossman: lol
Azzie: K...take a pic, and lets rez and find our corpses from the graveyard so we can run around in heaven! Everyone have their hearths ready?
All: Yup; lets do it!
(Everybody releases spirit and travels back to the edge of the world)
Rauck: Is your arm getting sore, Azzie?
Azzie: What?
Rauck: Your arm is raised as you walk.
Bigbossman: What a poser.
Azzie: Oh yeah...its a bug. it happens sometimes
(The four walk back into the tunnel, ready to fetch their bodies)
Azzie: Cool, it looks different...let's go!!
Rauck: Ok, Azz
Rauck: The arm is killing me
Azzie: It's a glitch; on my interface it doesnt show
(Azzie jumps, followed by the others.)
Azzie: ......
Timert: .....
Rauck: .....
Bigbossman: .....
Azzie: oh crud.
Timert: uh oh
Timert: I flew past my body...
Azzie: Uhh, I didnt count on this to happen...I thot we were supposed to land...
(All four are constantly flying in midair, unable to resurrect or hearth.)
Rauck: Dude, I think we may have lost our characters....
Timert: I cant log off...
Bigbossman: :'(
Timert: What are we gonna do????

Indeed, the Spirit Void; suspended in mid air, helpless, immobile, and dead.

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