Active Legion in Aion (interested)?


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Hello Everyone

Just an post to say there is an active legion in Aion for Christian players looking to group.

"Chosen Saints"

Is a new legion with a few new players looking to grow a Christian presence in Aion once again. I enjoy this game and have for years so I have started sharing that love with some Christian youth. So far we have no one above lvl 55 and the next lvl is 39 so there's obvious room to grow with us and room for your toons no matter the level.

Please post any interest here and I'll send an invite in game when I'm on
as a side note here is some TS info I copied:

Moderator's note: Thread removed from list of stickied threads as the CGA now operates a TeamSpeak 3 server.

The address for our TS3 server is, default port. There is currently no password on the TS3 server.

A new TeamSpeak Server Information thread will be posted once a new TeamSpeak Server Operator is appointed to CGA staff.

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See you in game!!!
Hey Christmas XD

I am definitely interested in joining the guild in Aion. I was inactive for a while, but am now playing again - I have a lot of time on my hands so I am now dividing it between Aion and Archeage. I sent you an email in game but thought maybe I ought to respond here as requested, lol. Looking forward to seeing you all in game! I'm on Siel, hoping you are too, lol I couldn't remember but the game recognized your name SadChristmas so I hope it's yours on that server, lol.