A suggestion for the Prayer Forum


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I think it would be easier if there was one thread per week for for prayer requests instead of multiple personal threads.

ie.... Prayer Requests for the week of Novermber 22 to 28

And any replies to a prayer request be forwarded to the person via pm, not publically posted.

This would help in a couple of ways. First, it should promote more private and open discussion between members. Second, mining the forums would become easier.
It has advantages and disadvantages... The main problem is that if there is a specific prayer that brings up a lot of response and perhaps debate it will troll the thread for the week.. losing the others in its wake.. Also it kinda removes the personal feel of having a thread for a particular prayer.

Yes the management would be easier, but generally if you check it once a week i find that all the prayers you havent recorded (for the newsletter say) would remain on the top page... then its juist a case of mining the start post in the thread.

I will give it some thouhgt, and if there is a viable way to change the format of prayer requests in forums then i will consider it.
You are right. That will not work. The one thread per request has an intimate feel to it.

Scratch that idea. Back to the drawing board for me.
keep coming up with em... the worst that can happen is they wont work... ive had my fair share of bum ideas here too.
'nother idea:

How about having a list of all the leaders from CGA, 7F, TOJ, Purefun and CCGR (whether council members, forum mods, administrators, Server admins etc) here in the private section and the prayer team prays over their leadership on a weekly basis?

I like this idea, even though it may need tweaking, but it is that support that Christian leaders (any leader for that matter) needs. I believe very strongly in prayer, even more so when people pray over leadership.
BTW Cory I posted a pinned thread in the public forums. I feel everyone should make their own thread as well as be respectful in the prayer forums soo much so that Tek even moved part of the discussion for me to show support. Please take a minute and read the the "rules." Thank you Blessings,"Angel"
You are right and I withdrew it. It was really a suggestion to generate discussion, make things easier. There were inheret problems with it...this I understand. People like things one way, other like it another. Idea's should flow...even against the grain, or even if they are stupid. 98% of the best idea's in the world are still stuck in peoples heads because people are ashamed to put them out for discussion.