A Call to Claim Keeps


Hello Guild,
2 nights ago, Myrakle Mike discovered how to claim keeps. Although a web site description says to plant a banner up on top of the roof of a keep on a certain slot, it's a bit vague as to exactly where.

What we found was that there is a default banner raised on the top floor of the keep. Any character can claim a keep so long as they aren't ranked as an Alternate in the guild roster. That is, if you want to claim keeps, use your Main or Redeemed Campaigner. If you can claim keeps, it should be right-clickable a la you discovered a quest item. If you did it right, it will ask if you'd like to claim the keep.

The claimed keep will give the benefits to everyone nearby contained in the standard that was used to claim the keep. Strategically claiming keeps that risk being attacked where order warbands roam would be optimal for the realm. The guild will also level at a slow but steady pace so long as the keep is under Order's control.

We have a lot of money in our guild vaults and I would encourage all Redeemed Campaigners and officers to claim as many keeps as possible for the time being.

Since info on the Web about upgrading keeps can be tough to find, here is the quick summary for those wanting to learn. After claiming a keep, an upgrade keep merchant magically appears alongside the other RvR merchants at the top floor of the keep. If you are a redeemed campaigner or officer, you may buy upgrade options to the keep. Feel free to experiment with the upgrade options.

  • Most notable upgrades: the door hitpoints, keep guard champ upgrade and in tier 3, 4 - you can increase the number guards.
  • If in tier 4, it would be a great idea to purchase the deadbolt ability to keep out lockpickers.
  • Purchase a siege merchant so that the realm can buy/replace oil or set up siege
  • Purchase the guild vaults so you can access free oil and siege that was donated in our vaults. Also, if you just bought new RvR equipment at the keep, it is very convenient to access donated talismans.
  • If you know that the guild will be attacked soon, purchasing the lifetap and healing npc at the bottom floor of the keep is helpful.

Last night, I claimed and upgraded a keep in the Shadowlands that held for 5 hours. During that time, the guild leveled up 1%! I noticed that people tend to leave tier 2 keeps unclaimed and would be a great opportunity for our guild to get some leveling done.

I don't foresee our guild vault money running low any time soon and it would be a milestone for our guild to hit lvl 30 with a new banner being available.

And let's not forget to honor Jehovah Nisi, our Lord is our Banner!

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