A Bit of Philosophy! I need your opinions!


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Unless the unmovable object were in a deep enough void in space to not be affected by gravity fields, wouldn't it always be moving? If the unmovable object were on Earth, it would be moving along with Earth and it's rotation of the Sun.

Furthermore, to be truly unmovable, it would have to be at absolute zero, the point where molecules essentially stop moving. If that were the case, than the surrounding area would be devoid of heat as the unmovable object would essentially be sucking the heat out of anything near it.

And that about sums up my knowledge of physics... oh! E=mc2


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The entire discussion is based upon a flawed premise. Based upon our current understanding of physics, both an unstoppable force and an immovable object cannot exist. Therefore, the question is illogical. If the question is illogical, then a logical answer to the question itself does not exist.

We must instead turn to the illogical to answer. Hence, my answer of "onomatopoeia".

Read that with Spock's voice in your head. It's really funny:D