4 billionth signup sheet...

And fourthded!!!!

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I am interested, I am back to playing daily but most of my hours are Gilga hours. I can play at raid time a few night a week though. =)
I can't this monday, but I'll be thinking about ya. have to can fish.
Sorry I couldn't make it to last week's raid. Bad planning on my part.

But I'm planning on being there tonight! I'll be a few minutes late but I'll be there! :)
I guess we'll get this together eventually...

I told Fierce I wouldn't be available to raid until after Easter at the earliest. Special services, prep for them, just a very busy time for me right now.

I had practice for one of the services lastnight and didn't leave the church until 11 or so...lol.
My Pally is able to do LFR now, and I will be doing a lot of that. I would love to join you guys if you have room for a Ret Pally.
Once I get geared up well on Narius and Magyn, I would be up for helping. I'm going to go tank on Narius after I get my gear set up, and Magyn will be a boomkin main /resto offspec.