1.3.6 Update: Endgame changed/Dev interviews

Craazy Patch! I haven't been keeping track much and they even revamped the BW career path and looks like they got some nerfs. Ah well, the squeaky wheels get the grease.

The trainers are now in Temple of Sigmar and in the Guild Tavern so looks like guild scrolls are going to be used a lot more. The trek to the temple seems hardly worth it.

So many city siege changes. It will be interesting to see how those work!
Yeah, I've been looking forward to this patch. The one addition that snuck in that really has me curious is the Red Death (the reason for the vendor moves)...could be leading up to some new content.
I know some of the players didn't want this auto-attack change. Before the patch, Slayers and (I think) Choppas were hitting by crits and such because of the tactic that allows 50% more AAS when Berserk. Of course, these players also recognized how OP it was. I haven't got the tactic yet (only rank 18 last time I played), so I'm not complainin'. xD

Glad to see the Engi stat changes.

And Rune Priest buffs, woot. Wanted to go those on my return. Too many AMs, not enough dorfs. xD