1.3.6 Producer Letter


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Which can be read here.

TL;DR: They're possibly rethinking doing Cross-Realm options, you can now mix and match armor sets to fit your needs, and a very large Rune Priest/Zealot mechanic change coming down the pipe:

In patch 1.3.6, we want to make further improvements upon the Zealot and Runepriest careers. We wanted to give options to the healers that train a mastery path for a delivery method rather than a playstyle.

When thinking of changes, we kept coming back to one thing: “HARBINGER OF DOOM” (BIG FOR EFFECT). I can already tell the Zealots are cringing and thinking, “What is that crazy person doing to my Harbinger?” The meat of the change is that Harbinger of Doom becomes an active toggle. You start in “healing mode” by default and by activating the toggle you switch to “damage mode”. This will allow Zealots to pick a Mastery path for the type of abilities that they want, without being forced to then pick again between damage and healing. While the actual effect of the toggle is still being discussed, we are leaning towards flipping magic to healing and vice versa to achieve this goal. Some of you are probably saying, “What about Runepriests? I didn’t hear him say anything about Runepriest!” The plan is to mirror this ability on the Runepriest career as well."

Still no patch notes and the such, but it's looking good. :D
I'm curious what the zealot/runepriest changes will end up being. They're already strong classes, but adding something to make them more unique would be fun.

Seems like every class has a fairly unique class mechanism (grudges on ironbreaker, balance on swordmaster, combustion on bright wizard, etc.) except for those two classes. Not a bad thing necessarily, but I'm curious what they think up.
I wonder what happened to the Archmage mechanic revamp like 6 months ago. They had some minor changes to the Archmage back then in 'preparation' for the new mechanic was the last I saw. I'm guessing that the new mechanic got axed.

Also, not that it matters much....I never agreed with classes having both high offense and healing. IMO, it defeats the purpose of teamwork and roles in a group. There are zealots out there that can kill you with just a single massive dot. That is, you get dotted, run away, try to drink a pot, and still die. All that to say, they also get decent heals and can rez. Putting in a mechanic so they can do more damage or more healing sounds like a lot of fun, but hardly a way to get more people to play them instead of Archmages.
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