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    It may be time to get off Discord

    Tying together LGBT and BLM here are some choice quotes from BLM's "What we believe page". I also like the fact BLM are founded on acts proven not to be racism and yet still claim them as examples of racism. It would be comedy gold if people weren't listening to them. As is it just makes it...
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    It may be time to get off Discord

    I believe the LGBT folks will come for us before BLM. They have a record of doing so, are farther along than BLM, and, as unconstitutional as it is, now have a precedent in law to back them up. That said, that society is listening to the woke mob right now at all is discerning. We fed it by not...
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    It may be time to get off Discord

    Yeah I think my eyes rolled out of my head when I saw the pop up in Discord. The spoiler contains part of another conversation on racism for those who want my opinion... Anyway I could post the part about how the most popularized "racist" incidents of the last decade weren't, because I...
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    Hi Welcome to our forum :). There are a few options for forum style if you find it too dark for your liking. Just click the "style chooser" button in the lower left and pick one :) . Also we have a Discord which is more busy than here...
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    Introducing Me

    Welcome aboard der cwazy train :p . If you need any common weapons for playing, not trading or cosmetics, let me know I keep spares specifically for new Toj :) .
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    Tribe of Judah celebrates 21 years May 19, 2020

    I remember Keero introduced you, at least to me :D .
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    Any interest in VR?

    Alyx is the only VR game that interests me enough to even consider VR. All other games I've seen look incomplete or like a collection of mini games or tech demos. Interesting for novelty but not anything that would hold my interest. VR is just now getting past it's awkward "look what we can do...
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    Any interest in VR?

    Hi Exo :) . Sure the 80's kid in me has been dreaming about VR since then but between the cost, motion sickness, and lack of games that actually measure up to my imagination I'll pass.
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    I'll need your Steam profile, url, or Steam ID to identify who you are before we can even review your case. We don't ban for ping but are you sure you were even banned? You have to have a minimum connection speed to the server or you will lag out. This happens to me whenever my internet goes...
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    Short Server outage

    Thank you for keeping us informed HCS!
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    COVID-19 community check-in and discussion

    Nods. For outsiders Tek and me are not mad at each other we speak outside this thread. Though I am probably exhausting the poor thing I assure you it's far worse on my end. I believe his motivation for posting the statement was honorable, good, and true. We once had a beautiful bromance...
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    COVID-19 community check-in and discussion

    The previous quote suggested it... ...inferring anything you say against Asian culture is wrong. You are correct though "equal" wasn't an accurate term so I'll be more precise. Having gone through ALL of AACC's blog posts and web site there is a leftist bias and refusal to lay any blame on...
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    COVID-19 community check-in and discussion

    YAY!... I wrote another have fun! /runs away... I'm sorry T_T. TLDR un-polite version of my next three posts. The AACC is leftist which is confirmed in it's statement, blogs and book list. It directly ignores talking points of the right on China, black racism and immigration to insult them by...
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    The Asian American Christian Collaborative's Statement on Anti-Asian Racism in the Time of COVID-19

    To try to keep things orderly and post where Tek wanted me too I posted my response to this thread here . Frankly Tek can move it here, or keep it there, whatever floats his boat :) . Just a friendly FYI that is all.
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    COVID-19 community check-in and discussion

    PART THREE: I agree, I wouldn't use the term "yellow peril", that's fine, but I'm not sure what major news organization is using it, Google only brings up news sites denouncing it. Next no, no, and alternately no, food, customs, or what we are really talking about, cultures, are NOT created...