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    Diablo 3 anyone?

    Hey sorry guys, I did a search and could not find a Diablo 3 thread anywhere. Do we have one here? I was thinking we did, but I was not for sure. Thanks in advance! I am playing it on the switch, and we are greatly enjoying it. It is just a "mindless" hack and slash, with some build depth...
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    Is there a Diablo 3 thread?

    Is there a Diablo 3 thread?
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    Fortnite or Paladins for Switch?

    well, I haven't bought the "founders" pack for Paladins but once they release the free version I will probably download it.
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    Fortnite or Paladins for Switch?

    As the subject suggests...are there any Switch owners who have fortnite or paladins?
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    Blazblue Crossbattle

    Anyone have or playing Blazblue Crossbattle for Switch? I am loving it and the variety in characters!
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    hey guys!! :) I'm back!!!

    hey guys!! :) I'm back!!!
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    [Weekly - Su/M] What did you learn/teach at church?

    I have been doing a series on Romans with our church body, and we are currently in Romans 5:12-20. I might post some notes if anyone is interested. :)
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    [Weekly - W] Now Playing

    Somehow in all my chaotic life of pastoring and working full time along with pastoring, I have played a little bit of Hollow Knight and The Lost Child. Currently, working through Xenoblade Chronicles 2 NG+ mode, this game is my all time favorite in the JRPG realm so far. Played a few rounds...
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    I'm BACK!!! :) We have a HUGE switch library now

    Hey guys! Hope all is well, been out of the gaming loop for a good while, but with the Switch me and my kids are back into the gaming genre. We have a ton of Switch games both physical and digital. A bit of every kind of genre you can think of also, so if anyone has any questions about...
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    Ps4 game list?

    Do we have a ps4 game thread? I was thinking of making a list of what multiplayer games i have so we can see who has what and get some game nights if possible
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    Update Game List

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    Overwatch OT

    Anyone get overwatch ? So far, i am loving it. Would love some fellow cga players if anyone else picked it up.
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    So what's everyone playing these days?

    Well, I am currently a bi-vocational pastor and part time employee at Lowes in Kentucky with my wife and now four kiddos. We had our fourth son a week and a half ago. Anyways, I am just hopping on to say hello, and that I was able to snag a PS4 after years of being Nintendo only...kinda got...
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    Just got a PS4 this week

    So, after years of being mainly Nintendo, I finally broke down and purchased a PS4. Boy have I been missing out...I only have a handful of games right now, but I am enjoying them. Mainly, Battleborn, which of course just came out, and also snagged some used games such as Fallout 4, FFX-X2HD...
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    PSN Names

    feel free to add me now that I am in the PS4 world, finally!!! PSNID: devine1981