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    aion account migration

    just letting everyone know that if you plan on playing aion in the near future and your using a user name to log in might want to log in cause they plan on deleting old accounts
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    Cleric Thoughts

    i think the best info you can get is the aion forums
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    How to join our Christian Legion in Aion!

    if your on the fast track server and their not it will show then as not available if your toon is above level ten just write a ingame mail to sadchristmas you have to be on the standerd server to send mail
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    Who's still active?

    if your on the fast track sever the mail will be disable along with trading and the personal store also if he's not on fast track it will show him as not found
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    Who's still active?

    i've been playing aion also off and on was workin on my asmos toons but kind of gave up do to he inbalance so i am working on my eylos toons on seil what faction did you roll on i can invite people to the elect but thats all
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    Collaborative Christian WvW Guild

    no you dont have to be
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    Collaborative Christian WvW Guild

    just bumping this up to remind loe that run www solo on saturday nights you can hook up with wgod we been runnig a 10-15 man group also on reset nights also start time is around 9:00pm est
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    Ranger woes

    this is the build i'm using i don't have all the gear or weapons so i'm using what i have on hand takes awhile to get use too
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    Can my system run GW 2 Ok?

    looks like you meet the min specs according to
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    WvW - Warrior Builds

    best thing is to check out the warrior forums and start trying out different builds till you find one that suits your style of play here are some
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    Collaborative Christian WvW Guild

    i'm looking for some organize www in game name decheck dont know the number that comes after
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    AION questions

    make sure your on the standerd sever because it might be hard to locate on the fast track
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    AION questions

    once you start playing you will find that you'll be usin the same skills al the time also be aware some classes are late bloomers if you need help just drop me a pm or post here there is not a whole lot active anymore so i wind up playing my asmo on israphel because they have better gear
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    AION questions

    have to ask what didn't impressed you
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    Feb, 2013 Update times, info and such

    he hasn't been on for a few months but i'm still playing i bounce around on the different servers trying to decide which one i want to play on