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    Is there a group finder in this game?

    yeah 30 is first one and itisfinished and i are now 30 and will probably be running it tonight
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    Hackers out in full

    I have recieved two emails one actually looks official, open your full header if you are not sure and look at the return path, normally a dead give away.
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    Short Stress time 08.23.12

    thanks almost got in a few minutes, they have wiped characters and I had to chose a server and start a new toon. Btw SOR was a choice of server, just an fyi
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    Knights of the Cross

    Yuppers SOR looks to be the server, I hope to get on a few minutes and save my names but alas I must work this weekend...
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    Guardian Question

    Glad you have it worked out... I am not so sure of mine. I need to play to see if I like this or if it is enough support/damage.;T8Ag2ymEMJtSdliJqsM5I8yek7KZNLLGWM3A
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    What is the most important issue facing the Church today.

    Impossible, to read this and and be a Bible believing, follower of the one true God and not want to debate with some of the ideas I have read. But, I will resist as the orginator asked us not too. I chose false teaching, why? All other problems fall under this topic. God teaches through his...
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    GW2 Start Time

    Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness then permission...
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    Why haven't we designated a Christian server yet?

    Trolls, I have found to be a source of personal entertainment, hehe... You are correct, they will always be there and also a good point, we should in on way fear them. The more they talk to me...the more I get to talk to them. Btw is an admin around, we have another member applying and looking...
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    Knights of the Cross

    keep checking the updates, lots of them so far
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    Why haven't we designated a Christian server yet?

    Well I was in contact with many Christian guilds before SWTOR launched but since have lost contact with them. I can try to dig around for them but everyone was so diappointed about SWTOR that they just kinda fell off. If I can make contact with them I will let them know the server. I just hope...
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    First Character - What Kind of Build Are You Planning on Using?

    Human guardian----heal/dps spec as a compliment to Itis's gaurdian, anyone teaming up with us will be unstoppable.
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    Legacy of Elijah Server Discussion

    I just ask you post the server that you will be on when it is decided maybe in a sticky so it will be easy to find.
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    Desktop or Laptop for GW2 looks like a decent rig motherboard is a bit weak and video card is lower end, but should handle all you stated fine. For the price it would be hard to better it. I have two iBuypowers, like them both.
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    Final BWE Guild Invite List

    Calvary will be thief (i think)
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    Official Legacy of Elijah Enrollment Thread

    TOJ: <Calvary> in game I hope to be: Calvary